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Unique Refined Metal
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I've done keys and buds, never did refined though.

Buyers $0.115 $0.12 <-- credits to Regi

Sellers/Sales at $0.12 could have sold some, i dont know sold 50+

If I did anything wrong, please let me know. Smaller market than expected for refined.

    So far so good; its hard to find prof for ref and you have a good start here!

      A thing that could help you at your suggestion is showing us the buyers steam rep, just to now if they are doing it right, people that work via paypal need to be careful, because a lot of people try to scam people via paypal.

      On the other hand, I've had success at buying for .09$. <--- My outpost. I can probably get some screenies later if needed. So I would say if anything, leave it at .11-.12$

        Looks Good to me... Upvote.

          if this pass my ref will sell for more than my keys does 10/10 will upvote again.


              Then what's the point of this site..?

              This site is made for suggestions

                Suggestions on hats misc and weapons, not the core of our community, all these stupid suggestions do is waste time and mess with the market

                  Messing with the market by fixing outdated prices? Ok then, whatever you say.

            I don't have much experience on how much proof is needed for ref, but this seems legit

            ...Perhaps you can check the forums or

            At this point, Buyers are a first priority.

            Also... Do not hate below, give constructive criticism people below me. You should be excited that the market is still there.

              Which forums? forums? I'll check out bazaar, though not many people use it, ill still check it out.

                Any forums really.... Like reddit,price check etc. even though i dont use reddit.

              Very good proof. I've never voted on a ref suggestion nor do I know how much proof is needed for ref but very good.

              Gotta upvote !

                Now doesnt it seem odd how when I tried this as a White Belt I got closed and downvoted terribly, and a Brown Belt does it and probs get accepted?


                Also nice proof, upvote.

                Good proof, upvoted

                  is zat really u?

                    I am not sure but is more proff needed?

                      And Best Comment of the Year goes to....

                        Wait what? No but rly, do u need more proof?

                          Please provide some valid additional proof then that has not yet been posted in the suggestion and comments, then.

                            Amount of proof is sufficient. Compared to the markets of Buds and Keys, this doesn't need much proof.

                          Sellers won't do anything unless they actually sold, but thanks anyways :)

                            Strife's luck must get him those sales!

                            My sales are 10 cents each, I have NOT sold for 12 cents so far, also I updated my trade.

                              Thanks for letting me know that, wasn't sure. Still got some other sales at 12 though.

                                I sold 9 for 0.12 $ now, the guy i sold it to wants to buy more.

                                Definite upvote.

                              buds are just a cosmetic.

                              .115? is he sawing pennies in half?

                                it forces the buyer to buy in even numbers.

                                  Oh. My imagination got the better of me there. To bad, it would have been cool to saw pennies in half.

                                You don't need to saw the pennies if you sell a couple of thousand of ref at once.

                                Just bought over 800 @ my asking price. Thanks for using my buy thread :) I need more business!

                                As for those saying they are finding people at under .115 please send them my way I will gladly buy all of their metal for cheaper if they so desire :)

                                  how much can you buy I am very interested!

                                    Owns 18 price manipulation jk nice proof upvote

                                      Upvote, nice proof

                                        Upproof nice vote

                                          Makes sense.... 0 sense.

                                            People say all the time that the 'market is really close to die', but I wonder if they could even picture what it's like when a market 'dies'. I know I couldn't.

                                              I can picture it

                                              *portal 2 picture*

                                              Nice support to the suggestion there buddy.


                                              The buyers at $0.115 & $0.12 are buying a minimum of 100 at that price. Wouldn't that make it a wholesale a wholesale price?

                                              If you guys want to Dislike, then go ahead. I'm just looking for answers.

                                                thats... a very good question


                                                  I do this because i dont have time for 'hey i want to sell you 5 ref'.

                                                  "Wouldn't that make it a wholesale a wholesale price?" <-- What?

                                                  I don't know what costco has to do with TF2.

                                                    The fact that you think that wholesale strictly relates to Costco really concerns me.

                                                      He means, a bulk price. Which people normally reduce for.

                                                        Thanks for clarifying, I mean I see the cause for concern I suppose, but then again on the flip side I don't see too many 1 ref sales either.

                                                    I'll buy one for 11.5 cents, sure. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                    Anyway, this crap's hard to find good proof for from what I understand, and the proof is good, so upboat.

                                                      Kinda strange how every currency that isn't the 3 main metals is fluctuating, while ref slowly increases... Anyway, looks good, upvote.

                                                      inb4 someone downvotes my comment because I mentioned changing prices of currency

                                                      It's been 7 days, let my backpack rise already >:(

                                                        Currency suggestions DO last a very long time... It's a pretty crucial decision, tbh.

                                                          It doesn't look like the first buyer is buying anymore, I added him yesterday but he won't accept, perhaps its just me, but the .12 cent buyer would easily have gotten 100 ref by now. Either the thread is just still open or he is actually still buying, which I doubt

                                                            The 1st buying actually was/is still buying, just sold him almost 400 at his price, still not sure about the .12 cent buyer, and since thats the only current proof at .12 i dont think this has enough proof to pass, downvote for me

                                                              Go ahead and downvote, I have other proof to rely on.

                                                                nothing personal, but "could have sold some" for the first sale isnt really much proof, and the 50 ref sale happened over a month ago on your second sale

                                                                  sigh, whatever, more proof in the comments as well, GL, have fun downvoting.

                                                                    none of which are representative of the current market, as they happened 2+ weeks ago before key prices rose, if you could provide some current proof i think this suggestion would be accepted

                                                                      I already stated, there's more proof in the comments. Done replying to you since you're deciding not to read all the comments.

                                                                        saw all the proof in the comments, my reply still stands, but sure, assume i didn't read them and stop replying

                                                            I think this price is correct for refined metal not much but not too little

                                                              Make it so that ref is actually worth something. 27-30 cents. 8 red a key...good times

                                                                Totally wrong. The price of keys is going up. The price of ref has to go down to equal $2.49 in ref to keep the economy still going.

                                                                  The "irl money" value of the key relies on the price of refined metal. Just because the Mann Co. Store calls a key $2.49 doesn't mean that the price of refined has to be that divided by the amount that keys are worth in metal; the price of ref could bring keys up to $5 and it still wouldn't ruin the economy.

                                                                  Besides, if you want to go off of Mann Co. Store pricing, the Tomislav should be worth 2 keys.

                                                                    I'll sell you my Rescue Ranger for Mann Co. Store Price

                                                                    When does this vote end, anyway?

                                                                      I have no idea. It must be like 50/50 or something.

                                                                        Hopefully it ends soon.

                                                                          I am honestly not voting just because I don't want to be wrong on a matter of this importance.

                                                                            Good idea, you'd probably get assassinated.

                                                                              That's not nice to say to people!

                                                                              NICENESS INTERNET POLICE!

                                                                                I wasn't being rude, I was saying that if he voted opposite to someone, they'd get mad.

                                                                            *Makes good comment*

                                                                            *Gets -2 score*

                                                                            Screw logic.

                                                                            tbh, it is probably like 70/30 in favor, b/c people only want their backpacks to rise in value. Idk why the mods have taken this long to decide :3

                                                                          why are people blindly downvoting comments?

                                                                            inb4 your comment reaches -1

                                                                            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                                              Because this is

                                                                              Home of critics.

                                                                                im pretty sure thats the point of , to criticise prices and suggest prices.

                                                                              First buyer appears to have lowered their price to $0.11. Second buyer still appears to be valid.

                                                                              First seller was banned from Outpost, so that trade isn't up anymore. Not sure if it's still valid or not, but I would guess not. Last link seems the most valid. I'm gonna stay neutral on this one for now because the range seems to be fine.

                                                                                Either way, buyer at 0.11 shows 0.11 is low.

                                                                                First seller is only banned for a couple days, so if he made sales at $0.12, they're still valid.

                                                                                Last seller did sell quite a few refined @ 0.12, so that one is valid like you said.

                                                                                Eh, your choice, won't stop you.

                                                                                I don't get it, keys suggestions get accepted in hours. Metal suggestions take days and weeks. By the time mods decide to accept this suggestion, it might become irrelevant. Smells a bit like a manipulation...

                                                                                    Couldn't agree more. The longer the mods take, the worse the evedence is. This should have been decided a week ago.

                                                                                      I agree. So I decided to take a look around hope this helps

                                                                                      Sellers @ $0.12

                                                                             (Used google to convert £0.08 to USD)(Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (Sold Refined Metal : 443 According to the TF2 post)

                                                                             (Again used Google to convert the price. From 0.11 Euro to $0.12USD)(Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (Again used Google to convert the price. From 0.11 Euro to $0.12USD)(Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (Unknown sold amount)

                                                                             (So far sold 9 for 0.12 $((According to the TF2 post)))

                                                                                        Anything with the word "unknown" in it should not count as evidence. Here's why:

                                                                                        1) First of all, it means you're not doing any research at all and just adding sellers for the heck of it. I can add sellers at 20 cents and say they've sold an unknown amount. Would you believe me?

                                                                                        2) You're not verifying any of those backpacks and just going by what the seller says. If you even bothered to scroll down a little on any of those trades, specifically the one where it sold 443 refined, you'll see that someone asked him if his price has always been .12 and his answer is clearly "no" which means not all of that refined got sold for 443. We don't exactly know how much he's sold or if he has even sold anything at all for that price.

                                                                                        Also, the link with the guy that sold 9 ref at .12 is the very same dude on OP. Way to show how much attention you're paying to your links. On top pf that he started his trade a month ago and sold only 9 ref? Really now? It only shows how much .12 is actually selling.

                                                                                        Part of showing proof is making some research as well. If you come with words like "unknown" or "based on what they said" then you're doing it all wrong. And even worse, people blindly upvoting your "proof" without even checking the facts is just sad.

                                                                                    Why they take so long?!

                                                                                      Upvote I guess, best evidence you can probably get.

                                                                                        This is probably going to drop back down to 0.11 within the next 2 weeks. I thought we would have seen this by now, but 12 still seems the most common trade point still even though it takes a long time to sell any at 12.