Price Suggestion
~70.5 keys
Unusual Salty Dog Electrostatic
205 votes up
16 votes down
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This suggestion was accepted by SirJjjon (Accnt not for sale).

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Counter suggestion, cba to explain it to the other guy who probably won't listen anyway.

1 of 1, none on the market.

Overpay is applied. I'll list all of the available sales so far (except the 2 first ones done in may/june) from most to least recent.

Sold for $185 PP (~5.6 buds) - obviously a tremendous outlier that the other blind suggestor can't see

Sold for an Electrostatic Lucky Shot (~3.6 buds) - had a B/O of 3 and

Sold for 2 buds pure.

Offered in post.

Apparently either sold via cash or lost in a crab, history shows no item traded.

Had a B/O of 3. and

Sold for an O. Fire Strontium (~1 bud) and 15 keys

~1.8 buds

Offered in post + and

Sold for a Smoking Grimm (~1.2 buds) and a Smoking Bicorne (~1.2 buds)

~2.4 buds and


1.8 - 2 - 2.4 - ? (3 B/O) - 3 - 5.6

In these cases I'd just go with the median sales, less than 2.4 might be quicksellish but anything 3+ is outrageous, let alone 5.6.

    lol I love how the suggestor got mad that I supposedly disliked his comments

    thanks for finding that extra proof, upvote

LMAO... Good suggestion... now I can understand why people hate this website.

too many trolls around... even with a solid proof people can't pass a suggestion.

    Electrostatic Lucky Shot is 5.3 buds NOT 3.6 - check for yourself

    where you getting all this prices?

      Maybe if you hovered your mouse over the blue line you'd get it

      4.1*0.9 = 3.6 rounded down

      Price is outdated and inflated. - read this for more info

        yeah... but even though you didn't suggest 3.6

        your suggestion is 2.4 - 3... how so?

          Because 3.6 is an outlier too, there are several B/Os at 3 and the own seller also had a B/O of 3. Any unusual that sells for more than its B/O should just be priced at its B/O and not above, here we price unusuals at their pure value, meaning that I could've just gotten it at 3 pure. That extra overpay is just laziness from the buyer.

            Let me get this stright... so, everytime someone quicksales an unusual you all jumping on it to bring the value down? and what happence if lets say the guy who bought it also quicksales after you bring the price down?

              Quicksells are not counted either. As you can see, I didn't use anything below 2.4 because it seems to be rather quicksellish. But both 3 and 2.4 are definetely not quicksells.

              exsample: if the hat worth 5 buds here and someone quicksalling it for 4. after he sold it for 4 you bring the price down to 4 buds here. and now when it's 4 the other owner desides to sale it for 3. so you gonna bring the price down everytime quicksale accure?

                if someone was "quicksalling" the hat and actually took a while to sell, then it is no longer a quicksell, writing "oh quickselling for 4 add me pl000x" doesn't mean it is a quicksell. Here he didn't place 1.8 nor 2 as both were out of the range same with the 180$, all three are outliers. He have proof too not only quicksell trades, please educate yourself and save yourself any further embarrassment.