Price Suggestion
~62.39 ref
Unique Mann Co. Supply Crate Key
2563 votes up
1713 votes down
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Key Suggestion take 2: Economic Boogaloo! Now with even more links for buyers at 7.11 and 7.22 ref.

Well, time to face the ordeal that is a new key suggestion, here’s hoping it goes well enough, even if it isn’t successful.

7 ref buyers (not really necessary as they are not in the current or new range, but they exist): - Has plenty of metal, and 8 keys. - plenty of metal, no keys - no buyers for 5 days - no buyers for 6 days

7.11 ref buyers: - plenty of keys bought - plenty of metal, only 9 keys - plenty of keys bought - plenty of keys bought - plenty of keys bought - bot - bot - bot - bot

7.22 ref buyers: - bot, tons of metal, not so many keys - bot, plenty of metal, no keys - bot - bot -bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - bot - Buying at 7.22 ref

7.33 ref buyers:

Successful Sellers:

7.11 ref sellers: -bot out of stock - sold in 4 minutes

7.22 ref sellers: - several recent comments wanting to buy keys - out of stock - out of stock - out of stock - sold

7.33 ref sellers: - several adds - several add messages

7.44 ref sellers: - denied offer of 7.22


As the above proof shows, most successful buyers in the market are buying at either 7.11-7.22 ref, however the selling market seems to go for a little higher, but that is understandable with so many buyers at 7.11 and 7.22, the only way to not be instantly bought out is to go 7.33 or higher. I’ll put the range at 7.11-7.22, as I do not have sufficient proof from the sellers to make it anything else though. As it has been a week since the last accepted price change, this relatively small bump should be valid, but correct me if I am wrong.

And that comes to the end of my first non-unusual suggestion! I grabbed all the proof myself, so if there is any overlap with previous suggestions or duplicate links, feel free to notify me and I will try to remove them for the first hour. I will also strive to add more proof as time goes on, but I am going to avoid commenting unless necessary. Any and all proof that suggests keeping the price the same or changing it will be greatly appreciated, but try to keep it clean in there. Thanks for taking the time to read this suggestion, and happy trading!

    Good to see you trying again man, this time you have closer to the right amount of links needed. I still think that 7.33 is possible but as long as bots are selling at that price i think this bump is conservative but correct.

      *sigh* Upvotes

      Unfortunately, this looks good. I'll also add that the bot buys keys for 7.33 (although it rarely has enough scrap to actually buy).

        the amount of bots is too damn high,upvote

        its hard to find a key under 7.22 i sold 5 to bots for 7.22

            Surely the ads @ 7.22/7.33 are people wanting to make a profit? By increasing the price to match the seller's asking price, they will add another scrap profit on the short fall, and the price will therefore keep going up as the suggestions rise to match their prices.

              yup, that's how its gotten to the price it is, yet unfortunately it's how it seems to work. Enough people want to charge more the prices change to suit that.

                The vicious cycle of key prices seems inevitable.

                  Words of wisdom Cy4taledd ^

                  Second Link for "buyers at 7.33" is wrong. It buys at 7.22

                  Same with the third.

                  Fourth was only buying one, fyi.

                  Fifth link is ALSO wrong, it buys at 7.22

                  Last link too. It buys at 7.11, sells at 7.33

                  Nice proof, no srsly.

                    Thanks for pointing that out, guess they changed their prices after a large influx of people came after seeing me list them here. I'll remove those links, they were not part of the range anyway.

                    *edit: Seems I can't edit them out, just disregard those links' existence.

                    What I fail to understand is that keys in the community market are only going for cheaper and cheaper, ATM they are 1.50 euros(roughly 2.1 usd) while their price in metal is forever increasing.

                    While I wrote this, the price dropped by another cent(euro) to 1.49

                    This does not make any sense!!! the metal price should be going skydiving right about now!!!

                      at the same time metal price has been going lower making the balance of things even as in metal is cheaper so base currency is easier to buy making keys less expensive.

                        Why do people think that raising a key half a scrap in a week is ruining the economy when it's obviously possible and proven?

                          It creates a non-linear big ball of timey wimey....stuff

                        finally a vote of keys, Good!

                            I totally agree with you I think it is stupid where the market has been going this website is a GUIDE not a strict rule book, people will always buy LOW and sell HIGH that is a sign of a healthy economy not a sign that prices need to be raised.

                            It seems as if this price is now slightly incorrect. At this time (10:06 CST) on March 27, classifieds are full of 7.44+ sellers, and no less. Bots are buying from 7.22-7.33 and selling at the range 7.44-7.55. I recently put up some 7.33 trades on Outpost and got a bunch of adds within a few seconds.

                              FIVE DAYS LATER:

                              It's 5 days later now, and though I've upvoted this request, I already noticed a shift once again in price:

                              - 7-7.22 are sold instantly, either by bots or by quick adding within 30 sec. This is quickselling price without any doubt.

                              - 7.33 are sold within 5 minutes (had this both from personal experience and heard it from a lot of others as well)

                              - 7.44-7.55 is the prices bots sell them for now (and also some other people that see the price has changed again).

                              Though I don't like it, keys are rising rapidly.. I remember the days keys were 4 ref, and before my time they were even a lot lower than that from what I've heard.

                              I never made a price-suggestion yet, but personally I think the price should be set to 7.33-7.55 if I look at the market. (Perhaps 7.11-7.55, where 7-7.22 is quickselling price, though I think that range is a bit too big for keys.)

                              PS: Though 7.33-7.55 are the normal prices they go for right now, I prefer if they remain at 7.11-7.22 like suggested here 5 days ago, since then people are less tempted to try and sell them for more..

                                I begrudgingly would have to agree with you. This suggestion, and potentially the other one as well, are both no longer indicative of the market. I won't make another suggestion myself, but I wish anyone the best of luck if they make one.

                                I am not liking this sudden surge of keys in value of the market, if I am honest, but it seems the hype is there and there is no stopping it now; I can only hope it is somewhat restrained in its rise in its suggested value.

                              Please try to stay on topic regarding the suggestion. What is relevant here are; personal experiences on the key trades, additional proof, issues with the provided proof, counterproof against suggested range, and thoughts on what range is most appropriate based on these factors. Community opinion on these matters is extremely important and off-topic matters distract from them severely.

                              In order to try to keep discussion on-topic, spam and unnecessary off-topic discussion (including discussion of the broader economy) will be hidden. Abuse and rudeness will not be tolerated. For discussions on the economy and other tangential topics, we recommend the forums;

                              For discussion on keys in regards to the impact on the economy, this topic in particular is recommended;

                              For concerns about how the site is treating comments in key suggestions, feel free to start a topic in the following forum;

                              These rules and guidelines apply to all key suggestions, past and present. In order to reduce potential confusion, the mod team is posting this summary in order to help bring attention to—and remind users of—these policies.

                                *pulls out pipe* where the smoke goes I vote, up.

                                Bots manipulate this economy though..

                                  Well if a bot is buying for higher when why should we keep it a a clearly inaccurate price?

                                    He has linked many buyers for 7.22 ref, meaning you can already easily sell for 7.22 ref. And already people are buying for 7.33 so your logic doesnt work.

                                    Weird. The price was really stable for almost a solid month, then it just began the rise again... is there a reason for this?

                                    On the suggestion, looks like you have enough buyers to add 7.22 to the range, I will vote up.

                                      As much as I hate keys going up, you have my up vote -_-

                                        All i see is 1 7.22 seller on classifieds and rest of listing is 7.33

                                        Also quite few key bots already give 7.22 refined per key, so why would anyone sell below 7.22 refined anyway.

                                          I got a key yesterday for 7 ref, i got extremely lucky, Don't make me go to history and screen shot, otherwise i may as well put in all my bought keys, and it will take forever xD But this bump is good :)

                                            I've seen mass buyers at 7.33, so the current price is definitely too low. Upvote

                                                Upvote. Amazing proof and WOW there are so many bots.

                                                Also.. I added a bot that buys keys for 7.22.

                                                  Key bots and russian phishers.

                                                  OT: With all those 7.22 buyers I'm afraid I'll have to upvote.


                                                  I sold a key for 7.11 ref and then rebought for 7.44 ref, idk what am I'm doing with my life..

                                                      personal opinion- they sell very fast for 7.22 and with all of the 7.22 buyers (ive been buying for 7.33) thats 7.22 should be the range. its probably too earily for 7.33 though

                                                          Tired of Keys going up but you provided the evidence; Up-Vote from me.

                                                            Was gonna do this later today - proof is pretty solid. To confirm this and keep it updated you should and some more new buyer threads if possible, just to verify that people are currently buying for your suggested range.

                                                            Got my vote.

                                                              :insert Anakin: Now THIS is key suggesting! Upvote.

                                                                  All the proofs are from TF2Outpost.......

                                                                  Here's Buyer links from Bazaar.(There's loads of buying at 7 ref,but 7.11 ref is already ignored so i wont bother about the 7 ref ones.Idk if i should inclue the _Buy now_ links for 7.11,i dont have any ways to check if they get traded or not.)

                                                                  Buying at 7.11,no one interested.

                                                         19 hours ago,still no reply.

                                                         2 Days,no reply.

                                                         5 days ago. No reply

                                                         From 1 week,Also buying Dota keys.Also no reply.

                                                         5 Days ago too.No reply too.

                                                         1 hour ago. But looking at state of others?...

                                                         1 week ago,no replies too.

                                                         2 days ago. Noooo reeepliiiiiiies.

                                                         19 hours ago,no replies

                                                         Old trade,last reply for 7.11 was 1 week ago.

                                                         Old Trade,new reply=....loong time already


                                                         2 Days ago,6 views & no replies?Yeah...

                                                         2 months old but only 48 views,no replies too.

                                                         3 hours ago,2 views. Blatant reselling to 7.33 too

                                                         5 days ago,5 views,no replies,need i say more?

                                                         8 hours,2 views,buying for 7.16.No replies too.

                                                         4 hours ago,3 views,no replies.Take a guess.

                                                         3 days ago,4 views,no replies.What to say...

                                                         7h-ago.3views,noreply.OutOfSmart@ssThingsTo say

                                                         1week ago,4 views,no replies,yeah,im drained.

                                                         2 weeks ago,2 views,1 is probably from me,LOL.

                                                         3 days ago,3 views,HL 3Conf-,nvm,doing it wrong

                                                         1 week ago,41 views,latest reply=1 week ago too.

                                                         1 week ago,194 views,1 reply.blatant resell to 7.44

                                                         11 hours ago,5 views,no replies.Doesnt resell.

                                                         1weekago,8 views,no replies.I agree,HL3 Confirmed!

                                                         2weeks ago,16 views,no replies.Nothing witty here.

                                                         3 weeks ago,39 views,no replies. Im tired... .__.

                                                         1 day ago,36 views,no replies. Thunder name,riiight.

                                                         6 days ago,6 views,no replies. Nice name,Vortex.

                                                         3weeksago,4Views,noreplies.Commander is ignored.

                                                         1 week ago,7 views,no replies..WT*s your name LOL

                                                         4 days ago,4 views,no replies.Capsed are Capsed.

                                                         Old Trade,but latest reply was 1 month ago.

                                                         3 days ago,1 view.Poor bastard...LOL

                                                         Old Trade,latest reply was for 2 keys,1 week ago.

                                                         3w ago,19 views,1 reply that was 2w ago to trade.

                                                         4months,8views.NoReplies.Must suck to be him/her..

                                                         6 days ago,11 views,no replies..

                                                         3 days ago,im the first view O_O LOL.

                                                         1 week ago,11 views,no replies.

                                                         6 days ago,im the first view,no replies,duh...

                                                                  Succesfull sellers for 7.11.(WOW,some still exist o.o)

                                                         someone added 21 hours ago.

                                                                  He's a nice guy anyway.

                                                         2 weeks ago,someone bought 3 days ago O_O

                                                                  No fair,he got one because of Bacon in his name LOL

                                                         Old trade,but someone replied 5 days ago. Cant trade for 7 days but already -sealed the deal-,could be cancelled though.

                                                                  Buying at 7.22

                                                         Is a bot though.

                                                         Posted 1 week ago. NO REPLIES O_O

                                                         2 weeks ago.No replies too,but its a bot anyway.

                                                         1 Week ago.No reply too,maybe only Tra-offers?

                                                         16 hours ago.Link-spam though.Buy-now too.

                                                         2 weeks ago.Blatant resell for 7.44,riiight.

                                                         1 Day Ago. Its anotehr Buy-Now though.

                                                         3 Hours ago,aaand another Buy Now.

                                                         2 days ago,yet another Buy Now.

                                                         1 week ago. No replies..Not Buy now for this one.

                                                         Buy Now.Again.and again.

                                                         Trade for 7.22_Quick sell_,suuuure.

                                                         Another 7.22 that isnt Buy Now. At least they talk.

                                                         4 Days ago,26 views. No replies,idk o.o

                                                         4 days ago too,someone added 1 day ago to sell.

                                                         OldTrade.Latest= 3weeksago.Resell=7.55..LOL

                                                         O_O 12 hours ago,only 3 views?No replies,duh..LOL

                                                         ...2 days ago,2 views only,no replies...i sense doom.

                                                         3Weeks ago,46views,oh hi,a bot! :D

                                                         14 hours ago,4 views,no replies too.

                                                         Yay,another bot :D

                                                         2 weeks ago,1 reply,9 views. Reply=added to sell.

                                                         2weeksago16Views1Rply.Reply says _7.33_...LOL

                                                         3 days ago,2 views,no replies...seriously?

                                                         3d ago,15 views,no repli- OHH,HI BOT :D

                                                         old trade,but,latest reply was 1 week ago.

                                                         Old trade,no repleis,probably edited to be 7.22.

                                                                  Buyers at 7.33 Ref

                                                         Its a buy now,but it still counts.

                                                                  Hope its enough. I really noticed how TF2outpost is the only -place-,making it abit too closed. At least here,it also has links too. That way,moar proof.

                                                                  Downvoate -__-

                                                                  Upvote,as much as it puffs & stings me to do so...

                                                                  BTW hi o.o, the legendary LOL

                                                                  Yes,its my first post. I dont have much stuffs since i have to load up Steam Wallet first. But ,yeah,ill go into serious-level trading soon too.

                                                                  before a key becomes 30 ref each

                                                                  edit: I'd go on a trivia about what Bazaar means and how nice it would be to buy food from a real one,but i should rest instead,LOL.

                                                                    Thanks very much for the extra proof, your help is greatly appreciated!

                                                                      Glad i could :D

                                                                      Hmm,does this coutn as -not useful-? .__.

                                                                      10-ref Keys here we come QQ

                                                                          Um Lol? You copied this exactly -


                                                                            They posted that first, then the other guy copied it into proof for the other suggestion, the times were about half a day off, so it shows the same date, at least for now.

                                                                          So, I was in need of a few ref, and I listed my key for 7.22, here

                                                                          I got 3 adds in about 30 seconds. I'd say that this bump is even a bit conservative. Upvote, although I'd much rather the price stay at the incorrect price of 7.11, if only because it keeps the market stable.


                                                                            I just instasold 2 for 7.33

                                                                              Those are still in your inventory.... you're trying to manipulate proof -.-

                                                                                  Although this will be a never-ending cycle, the only thing key inflation will do is make it a slightly bigger pain to get refs and items into keys. The proof seems valid though, so it has my upvote.

                                                                                            I still haven't had the least bit of trouble buying keys at 7 ref. I've even bought a few lower. But that's all on trade servers and I also see people buying keys for 7.22... Idk...

                                                                                                      While my trade post was not listed it has been up for 6 days and while no one has posted on it, I have gotten 4 people who sold a total of 6 keys to me in the last 3 days. As this is my only source of trading, it is the only place they found my offer of 7 refined. With over 100 trades in the last few days, I will only provide proof of these 6 sales if requested, seeing as 6 keys isnt going to make or break the voting on this matter. Just trying to show though that with some PATIENCE, you can still find keys at 7 refined.

                                                                                                      Edit, here is proof of 4 keys bought in the last 24 hours.

                                                                                                        What's the point of suggesting higher prices? Sellers will keep asking for 0.11-0.22 more than the price anyways... Upvote :3

                                                                                                          The amount of right you are...

                                                                                                            Yet all these wrongs don't make a right. Still, much proof. Many links. Upvote.

                                                                                                          uncrating loot.....

                                                                                                          you uncrated: a upvote

                                                                                                            I would like to point out that no matter how many keys I sell to for 7.22, the key count always ends up going to 0 at some point when was selling for 7.33 and selling for 7.44.

                                                                                                              Trying to stay on topic but just gonna point out:

                                                                                                              As of this message there are two key price suggestions out, meaning that the overall proof is far greater for both and because there are TWO suggestions for the key price, the chances of acceptance of either suggestion going through has literally doubled.

                                                                                                              Just wanted to put that out there.

                                                                                                                Easy upvote, way too many buyers at 7.22. Should raise to 7.22-7.33 in the next few days/weeks, 7.33 is totally possible, bit to early to include that in the range yet.

                                                                                                                    I don't like all this inflation at all. The proof is in the links though. I just hope things smooth out before some sort of crash happens.

                                                                                                                            I've sold 5 keys and counting for 7.33

                                                                                                                              only 5??? wow if u will sell to 7 u will can sell more.

                                                                                                                                Take it to the forums.

                                                                                                                                  Before I go through your rules, can you tell me what was wrong with my comment and It would be nice if you just don't delete this too. I just don't understand.

                                                                                                                                    Miyamoto: Please try to understand. We're doing what we can.

                                                                                                                                      To add on to my further comment about bots, back when keys were 7 ref apiece, had maybe like 170 keys at any given time. Now, they consistently have less than 10.

                                                                                                                                      I have also been paying attention to what's been happening on Outpost lately and I've seen quite a few 7.22 sells being instasales.


                                                                                                                                        brought over 100+ keys, no big deal. upchuck

                                                                                                                                          This link is wrong. -bot out of stock they buy for 7.11 and sell for 7.22. Just thought i would let you know.

                                                                                                                                            Plenty of proof unfortunately for myself, my "large" unboxing spree better happen quick, or I could lose out on a lot of scrap metal :)

                                                                                                                                            You have my vote.

                                                                                                                                              so many links

                                                                                                                                                guys , don't cry if keys go up. Its the way life work like when car fuel goes up and when rice goes up. Upvoted for good proof.

                                                                                                                                                    just bumped my trade buying for 7.11

                                                                                                                                                    instantly bought 2

                                                                                                                                                    7.11 should be in teh range upboatz

                                                                                                                                                        it takes the under dog to get the range right

                                                                                                                                                            So many 7.33 buyers now.

                                                                                                                                                            Put one up for 7.33. 5 adds in a minute.


                                                                                                                                                              The butthurt on here is delicious.

                                                                                                                                                              This gets a downvote from me simply because I agree with the other suggestion. 7.11 is pretty much a quicksell at this point. It should be sliced from the range.

                                                                                                                                                                      damn why does there have to be two ;-; I don't want to have to pick

                                                                                                                                                                      I'm going with vince's, feeling like finding a 7.33 buyer is becoming easier and easier...

                                                                                                                                                                        The proof provided shows 7.11 happens often enough that it should be in the range. The 7.22 flat suggestion doesn't show convincingly enough sales at 7.33 to balance out the trades happening at 7.11. Both the suggester and community have had 5 days to provide supplemental proof to convince us (the mods and the rest of the community) that 7.22 flat is better, but they have not done so.

                                                                                                                                                                        Going with the suggestion that has proof to support the range AND the community vote.

                                                                                                                                                                        As always, key cooldown rules are still in effect.