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Refined Metal
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Unique Refined Metal
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Hello there everyone. Hope you all are doing great! ^_^

Sellers at $0.24

Sellers at $0.23

Sellers at and below $0.22 --> $0.22 --> $0.22 --> $0.22 --> $0.22 --> $0.22 --> $0.21 --> $0.21 --> $0.21

Sellers at $0.25


¹: - States webmoney currencies

²: - Simple converter for currency

If you're too lazy...

1 Russian Rouble (RUB/WMR) ~ $0.02803 USD

1 British Pound (£) ~ $1.68506 USD

1 Euro (€) ~ $1.38016 USD

NOTE: These are rough translations and may change as values rise and fall


Conclusion : $0.23 seems like the most common trading point.


Add : Hardly any sellers above $.23


Add 2 : Posted all available sellers.


Add 3 : Thanks d0 for a bit of help on this and Kejsumaru™ for the converter links.


Feel free to hate, support or give good counter-proof.


Thanks to all Supporters, Moderators, Haters, Highballers, Lowballers, Physicists, Microbiologist, Ethologists, Geologist, Astronomer and Aliens obviously

    Inb4 everybody's back drops even though their backpack is not full of refined. On topic, I'm not sure If I should up or down vote with all this supporting and countering proof :/

      So.... since keys are going down I thought people would make buds and ref go up but nope. :(

        I so agree with this. I love it that keys are going down. When I first started playing TF2, keys were priced at 5.66-5.77 ref. They have never dropped until now. Along with their rise in price came the drop in the price of buds and ref. Ref used to be $.33 and buds used to be 21-22 keys. If buds and ref don't rise in price to balance the equation, the TF2 economy goes down the toilet. Downvoted.

 has nothing to do with opinions, this site is based on proof. It is showing what items are selling for on an estimate, not randomly changing prices because it "crashes the tf2 economy".

          down vote for this seller=/=bought no proof on how many of it was bought

            Since almost 99% of the sensible comments (of course beside the insensible comments one) are pushing for a range rather than a flat drop I will re-suggest with more proof and with a range of $.23 - $.24


            Proof anything above 0.23 doesn't sell?

              Just checking your trades,you didn't had 1 comment talking about ref,same thing for most of trades with refs higher than 0,23.

              And having stable sellers @ 0,21 it's a huge sign that higher is pretty hard to sell.

                I actually do. Plus, they don't have to comment "added for ref" on my trade to prove they have bought some. There are some people who don't bother giving rep and some who do, they say bought ref bla bla...

                  Post proof then. And it's better if is an enormous sample size,not 10 ref sold in a month.

                    How can I post proof of selling ref, just show trade history of ref being traded for nothing?

                      rep of sales done?And by the way I can't believe I'm keep discussing with a guy that says it's easy selling refs for 0,28 each.



                        It's there... if you can't see it you're blind. Search "ref" using Ctrl + F and you'll see I've sold some. As I said before, not everyone bothers giving rep for ref since it is such a cheap currency. The last person I asked for rep from buying ref laughed and asked why I was rep whoring.

                          2 sales in all your rep. Nice proof.

                            Do I really need to baby feed you my rep.


                            Page 1

                            1 person

                            Page 2

                            3 people

                            Page 3

                            1 person

                            I've got about 5 more people who are interested in my friends list but are currently out of stock in cash.

                              someone is trying to persuade me that refs @ 0,28 is common.

                              Please,just get out from this suggestion,you have no idea of the topic.

                                You lost the argument, accept it. I'm not persuading you that ref is 0.28, I'm asking for proof that anything above 0.23 doesn't happen.

                                  I just have 300x your experience in cash trades so I'll just ignore you. It's not about winning an argument,it's about accurate pricing base currency of this economy. And the actual price is not accurate. Because refs sells 99% of the time lower than 24-25c,buds aren't 38$ and keys aren't 2,07$ . That's it. If it happens that some tard buy overpriced stuff from you,doesn't mean that that price is in the most accurate range.

                                    How the **** there are guys like KNTRL and Plaxorous who haven't any valid argument for discuss, and still want to discuss?

                                    You can see the poor argument from KNTRL, based on his own experience, because he did 8000 trades, and he know everything. He just is another gullible millonaire, "who thought to be the best." (Sorry if this sentence is bad writted, translate did it). And from Plaxorous in the comment from LookAtMyChicken. Very surprised, Plaxorous is one of the best suggesters, but now your own cause for down the price of this item are doing disasters with your arguments.

                                    Sorry, but I'll downvote due the counter-proof shown, and how your proof isn't valid, great help from Look AtMyChicken, thanks for that.


                  Ah, I provided all reasonable sellers available in the market. All this time, refined metal suggestion has been accepted by the sheer number of sellers. Because it clearly shows that if there are enough people selling for low-end/out of the current price it is close to impossible to sell it at/above current price. Don't believe me? Check the previous suggestions.

                  You can clearly see that there are hardly any sellers above .23 which obviously means that above ..23 is a hard sell and .23 is the most common trading point, I even provided .22 and .21 to backup the point. What makes you think it sells anything above that when you have sheer number of people willing to sell it for below the current price?

                    "Hardly any sellers above $.23"

                    What is this tomfoolery? Looking through your proof you have seller links mixed with buyer links? Poorly bumped threads that haven't even been touched in months? If a drop is in order, it damn sure ain't .23 flat. The market just got depleted of metal and hats due to breadboxes. This is just silly. VOTERS: Make sure you check the proof links before voting!

                    You can see metal selling all day every day here for over .25;6/Refined%20Metal

                      Have you even looked at the proof and the market? Almost all of my links include sellers, hardly any buyers.No offense, I believe you blindly wrote what you have in mind without even checking the current market. I have put one or two buyers to show both side of the market.

                      Marketplace =/= Whole market over that, not many people use that site and it does not necessarily count as valid proof. Also, they are selling for .28 not .25

                      Check the proof before making such comment like this.

                        I will now return to you the same respect you have shown myself & others.

                        Your proof is ass. Hence my comment.

                        Some from SOP that is current would be nice.

                          Uh, what disrespect are you talking about here? lol I never shown any disrespect to you in any way and what do you mean by others? I have been as nice as I could to you. :P

                          Okay, its your point of view, I don't see anyone else complaining beside you only. If my proof was "ass" there would be many people commenting here saying that. Most of all, regular suggester here like myself would come here and point out how terrible my suggestion is on this.

                          Anyways, you are the only one who seems to have problem with my proof. I won't argue with you because its clear you won't see it otherwise. :P

                          Tried Source OP, couldn't find any reasonable sellers there. ^.^

                        Site like and Tf2shop aren't valid proof.

                          Quicksold some metal just for funsies.



                          More 'outliers' for you guys.

                          At least these are recent :)

                            are you dumb or what? and TF2shop doesn't count as proof o.O

                              No, I just can't read.

                              What is also interesting to me is that you decided somewhere to take the paypal risk upon yourself, and undercut your own listings on marketplace to 'branch out' on your own, and sell refined metal for 23½ on tf2-t, and undercut yourself again on SOP for .22½.

                              I am merely proving that its possible to sell metal very quickly, without a drop. I'm not trying to raise the price here.

                              Just because you decided to charge 3 different prices, should also not make you a reputable form of 'proof'.

                              I can go set up a thread any time, any where, and attempt to charge whatever the hell I feel like, but alas I am just one person.

                              This is a currency still, after all, right? :)

                                "What is also interesting to me is that you decided somewhere to take the paypal risk upon yourself, and undercut your own listings on marketplace to 'branch out' on your own"

                                Because when selling on I get cash after 1 month. Profiting 10 one time isn't better than profiting 1 for 20 times. Second,the 0.235 then drop to 0.225 it's just because of steam summer sale. Keys raised during summer sales,getting out of stock selling for 1,95$ was normal. Now,that the hype of sales is gone,selling keys for 1,95 it's still common but not that much.

                                Third why I sell outside the shop is not something that matter here. Can you all stop crying because your backpack value will drop?

                                You never had that money,also if cashing out,no one would paid that fool price.

                                "Just because you decided to charge 3 different prices, should also not make you a reputable form of 'proof'."

                                What are you talking about? Ask to everyone,ALL prices if converted to real money are WRONG. Keys aren't 2.07$ and buds aren't 38$ and the reason is that REFINED is overpriced. Price is outdated. If this suggestion won't pass I don't care,I don't loose profit. It just changes nothing to me. I just tried to make the site more accurate.

                      "Alrighty then" -Ace Ventura

             - 6 ref in BP

             - Last Bumped: May 12, 2014, 06:20 AM

             - 16 ref or so in BP

             - 0 Ref in BP

             - actually has some metal

             - has metal but clearly an alt of someone's

             - 0 Ref

             - has 20 or so

             - I can't speak russian, not going to bother

                      1st reddit post is for a reseller

                      2nd reddit post is over a month old, no activity on SOP

             - OLD , about 15ref in bp, and on vacation apparantly

             - KNTRL, OLD price?

             - OLD, 2ref in BP

             - 3ref, new

             - 11ref

             - has quite a few

             - has 50 or so, poorly bumped

             - Old, has 10, poorly bumped

             - Old, poorly bumped, but has many

             - OLLLLLLD, has around 10ref or so, poorly bumped

             - -BUYING- ref for .21 , old.

             - new

             - new

             - Spoke with Ko, no sales in a while

             - 3 months old, unbumped, not even gonna bother looking.

                      Some quick finds of my own just for giggs

             - .24

             - (KNTRL is selling cheaper here than up above in the post i marked) .22½



            !/page5 .22 about 40 ref left

                      And then these 'outliers' from marketplace which you wrote off so quickly. ( Credit to Red Inferno ) Thanks bud



                      Thank ye kindly for your time.

                        More or less you supported my price suggestion........ Thanks?


               --> Okay?

               --> Alrighty

               --> okay, nothing wrong with this

               --> Clearly has an alt, "54 In Stock"

               --> Okay, nothing wrong with this

               --> Nothing wrong with this one

               --> Okay, he sold his refined metals, whats wrong with that?

               --> Alrighty, nothing wrong with this

               --> Use the internet to translate just like I did?

                        1st Reddit.... Okay, so what?

                        2nd Reddit... "I have put one or two buyers to show both side of the market."

               --> What does being old has to do anything with trades, so you expect sellers to constantly close and open a new trade every time they sell something via paypal or other currency? These are paypal trades.

               --> He even commented on this suggestion, what do you mean old price? .23 is old price? The hell.

               --> What does being old has to do anything with trades, so you expect sellers to constantly close and open a new trade every time they sell something via paypal or in other currency? These are paypal trades. Yes, he sold refined metal and now he has 2.00 ref.

                        ($0.22 and below)

               --> Nothing wrong with this

               --> Nothing wrong with this

               --> Nothing wrong with this

               --> Poorly bumped, yes but still has people interested see his steam profile page comment

               --> He is done selling, look here he has autobump on and has been selling a shit ton of refined metals.

               --> What does being old has to do anything with trades, so you expect sellers to constantly close and open a new trade every time they sell something via paypal or in other currency? These are paypal trades. Sold shit ton during the time and looks like he is not selling any at the moment?

               --> Poorly bumped, yes. Also, it looks like he is not selling at the moment

               --> "I have put one or two buyers to show both side of the market."

               --> Okay

               --> Okay

               --> Thank you for more clarifying that .25 does not sell at all

               --> Eh, my apologies for using that. Didn't mean to use it at the beginning.

                        I found those SourceOP links, almost all of them are highballing and thank you for providing one extra .22 seller to support my price suggsetion




                        Thank you for supporting my proof and making it lot easier to pass. All my .23 links are valid and it shows that it is the most common trading point. Again, thanks once again for supporting and all. ^.^

                          no, that doesn't support your suggestion... you just ignored everything he said and replaced it with your own crap *facepalm*

                              Uh...No, did you even read what I wrote beside every links? Its like you ignored everything I said. Read again...I even supported some of the links he said is invalid and those falls in the $.22 and below category. Please read before insulting someone like this.

                                hmmm oh another comment. DIS FKEN LIKE

                            By the way checking backpacks to confirm if metal is sold or not is the dumbest thing ever.

                            I had around 300 refs few days ago and now their gone. Sold for cash? NO,just bought keys with them.

                            You need to consider rep feedbacks and comments otherwise we're talking about nothing.

                            And again,stop providing tf2shop or as a proof.

                              By the way leaving up sales threads when you aren't selling the item anymore is the dumbest thing ever.

                              So if I open up a thread saying I am selling 100 keys, but then buy buds with said 100 keys, is it not my responsibility to then close the old ass stagnant irrelevant thread?

                              No one has to accept any of my proof, doesn't mean I can't post it.

                              I'm not quite sure where you became THE authority for selling refined metal for cash, but you are very passionate about it.

                              We clearly have disagreeing opinions, would just appreciate from here on out from any of you to just stay on topic, and let the Admins sort myself or anyone else out.

                              It's not your duty to police me.

                                "By the way leaving up sales threads when you aren't selling the item anymore is the dumbest thing ever."

                                I'm still selling refineds lol.

                                "[...] but you are very passionate about it."

                                I don't care,it changes nothing to me. It won't get me profit nor loose profit if this suggestion goes through.

                                "It's not your duty to police me."

                                Chicken pls,you asked WHY I undercuttend myself (and I lol'd since 1 sale thread was from june and inactive) and WHY I started selling outside like they were something relevant for the suggestion.

                              After reading this whole discussion, I've got to downvote this suggestion. No offense to you, plaxorous, as it looks like you put a lot of effort into this suggestion, but chicken's counter-proof and argument is more convincing.

                                Did you check all my .23 links? What made his argument better than mine? Did you check the market? Did you see there are many people ( avid sellers like KoDorin and KNTRL) asking to put down the price because they hardly have any success at .25/.24? Curious to know.

                                  Based on this statement and what ive seen and read, just because they cant sell it at .25/.24 doesnt mean other people havent. Also, they way you make it sound, you are doing this for them, like, they put you up to the task to bring down the price/manipulate.

                                  As for the proof itself, i do think chicken has thrown enough reason to say downvote.

                                    I am not going to argue, but do whatever you think is best. The market is clearing pointing toward .23 and leaning toward .22 slowly.

                                      Manipulate what? You know what will change to me if this suggestion pass? Nothing. I will buy lower and sell higher as always did.

                                      Oh,well,to be honest I'll loose some cash since I have 300+ refs in my backpack. Omg,sick manipulation,so much profit coming for me.

                                      Do whatever you want,keep the price outdated,it changes nothing to me.

                                      " they way you make it sound, you are doing this for them, like, they put you up to the task to bring down the price/manipulate. "


                                      I just asked to the whole forum.

                                    lol his counterproof is sales. You kidding me?

                                      What's the logic behind this comment? How this will screw up the economy?

                                      It feels like the comment section is nothing but a giant flame war.

                                        what did you expect? metal horders and farmers are going to lose a fortune on this vote :-)

                                          The farmers are the ones driving down the price is the irony xD

                                          Yeah exactly what Crass Spektakel said.

                                          Why isn't 22c in the new price?

                                            There are sellers for 22c.

                                              Not as many as .23 though, also some of them are not completely valid. .23 seems like the ideal price.

                                                If there are sellers are 21c i don't see how 23c flat is an accurate representation.

                                            it seems to easily sell at 23 cents. downvote

                                              very unsure about this, I'll have to spent a while looking at all the proof and counters before I can make a confident choice

                                                  Chicken's argument is more convincing like the other guy said, downvote.

                                                    0.23 in range?, maybe.

                                                    0.23 the standard price on such a heavily trafficked item?, uh no.



                                                      a) Counter-suggestions proof is more convincing.

                                                      b) I want to help the economy not blow the economy's brains out by making refined worthless.

                                                        Downvote; proof is insufficient

                                                          I sold 15 ref for .25 each. It was through paypal so I am not sure how to take screenshots, lol

                                                            I use gyazo

                                                            But I think everyone uses something else.

                                                            You can also do it the 'old-fashioned' way and cntrl+prnt scrn > open paint > cntrl+v > save > upload to your favorite image sharing site.

                                                            PLEASE black out account numbers, sensitive data, etc. (if any)

                                                            Downvote, counter-proof has overturned your proof

                                                              What if $0.23 was a Quicksell Price? o_O

                                                                If .23 is a quicksell price, many would be selling at higher price not lower or at .23 because they would constantly run out of stock, especially the ones who sells regularly (They are provided in .23 links section as well as some at .22). Even if it is a quicksell price the market is getting dominated by .23 sellers and some at below.

                                                                I don't see why you guys feel the need to complain whenever a suggestion for refined metal going down pops up. It's needless spam and helps nothing, but feed the ego of others who think "TEH MARKIT IZZ CRASSHING!". If you're going to complain, at least have the decency to point out flaws or show counter-proof to show your argument is accurate rather than just throwing a tantrum like a 3-year-old trying to get their way.

                                                                As for this suggestion, .23 goes fast at times, BUT it's the most common price for this items market which the price is needed to be based off of as the mods have stated before. Your proof is very good, don't let these mongrels get you down plax.

                                                                  Everybody here just got #rekttoinfinity

                                                                    Oh boy the police are here with underlined* red text.


                                                                    Good to know the is going down by 1-2 pennies 0_0 such something to argue about

                                                                      Major currencies are always something to argue about-for those who have considerably larger accounts that is.

                                                                      This penny drop can cause a profile (such as mine) or even higher, to drop nearly 50$-insert-amount-here$.

                                                                      Although it is all virtual money, the people will always fight for somethings value, especially huge currencies such as Refined Metal/Keys/Buds.


                                                                      While I don't think it should be a flat 0.23, I think the range should probably change.

                                                                      Proof for $0.22 (over 200 in stock):

                                                                          Your logic is so narrow minded. How bout this let me put it in simpler words..... refined is going for a single penny less how about you pay a penny for every single refined in tf2. I doubt that will be of little cost.

                                                                            Yeah, sorry bout that. About 5 minutes after I posted that I thought. "That was pretty stupid." And then deleted it.

                                                                          lowering the cost of refined directly impacts the price of keys. Unless you are able to successfully change both this change will only destabilize the market in tf2

                                                                            Can't tell if you're trolling, or srs....

                                                                            Down-vote, Good counter-proof "LookAtMyChicken".

                                                                              You didn't even see the counter-proof.... Even if it was good counter proof, .23 is the most common price/sell price for metal which the price is based off of.

                                                                                counterproof clearly shows prices above $0.23 do sell

                                                                                  ".23 is the most common price/sell price for refined which the price is meant to be based off of."

                                                                                    how is it the most common price? he only has 7 sellers at $0.23 and in that 3 of the trades are over 6 months old

                                                                                      I highly suggest you to look at the market good sir. I won't rage or bother to argue. Refined market is incredibly small than any other currency. Look at the market before typing out "only this" "only that"

                                                                                  THE COUNTERPROOF IS MARKETPLACE.TF WAKE UP. That's not the paypal market.

                                                                                  There are idlers that costantly sells 600+ refs @ 0,21 daily.

                                                                                    i only see 2 links of in his counterproof? what are you on about?

                                                                              Downvote be better if it had a range like 0.23-0.24 but 0.23 sells kinda quick

                                                                                It doesn't

                                                                                  Doesn't matter if it sells fast or not, the price is based on what the most common selling and asking price is, not what it can get. This isn't like normal items.

                                                                                    Sill I think a range like 0.23-0.24 would be better

                                                                                      Then that would be inaccurate.

                                                                                      You're wrong, sometimes the price isn't based on most common point, if the "common point" is quickselling, and is possibly sell for higher than the suggested common point.

                                                                                        Maybe you should look at the past suggestions, even the creator of the site said this.

                                                                                          Some of my suggestions was closed for that argument, especially my Key suggestion some months ago, what was closed and Pyroman's suggestion was accepted, mine range was the most common point, but the mods said what it was quickselling, and the suggestion get closed.

                                                                                    Lookatchicken had nice counterproof so downvote. Also above $0.24 happens. :)

                                                                                      I like your proof and all but look;6/Refined%20Metal there are so many sellers for .25 and above actually .25 is like a quicksale because i usually see them selling for .29+.

                                                                                        Marketplace isn't valid proof. Please read the comments above, thank you.



                                                                                          both verified resellers with over 3,000 users in thier steam groups and DAILY sales ABOVE .24 as well as sellers

                                                                                          these are PEOPLE selling and not the SCM or marketplace if need be ill even go through and show you sales in full

                                                                                          to get it through your thick skull, proof is proof is proof, and if they cannot make trade you are fully refunded automatically save the 15 cent refund fee

                                                                                        try tf2buy and tf2shop as well they are very reputable and sell daily both around.28-.30


                                                                                        a link to the screen per your request

                                                                                          Instead of putting this, please provide screenshot. For all I know all these sales could be as old as when refined metal was at .27 - .28

                                                                                            they are in fact not the screens + a visit to will show current prices

                                                                                            added link to screens per request

                                                                                              So you are saying that refined metal should rise when there are sellers at .23 and below? Not to mention....Tf2shop, tf2buy are the same concept and site as so no, not valid.

                                                                                                they are not the same site at all completely different owners and currently sells at .35

                                                                                                  Different owners doesn't mean its valid. Read again what I said please.

                                                                                                    it doesn't mean its discounted either there are sales at both sites meaning those ranges aren't entirely out of the spectrum

                                                                                                    they are also trusted and paypal verified for years unlike most sellers on bazzar etc

                                                                                                      I am not going to argue with you because you are clearly not thinking right. You are trying to say that refined metal should rise when there are many sellers available for .23 (my suggestion price) and below. If it were possible above that, nobody would be selling for .23 or below at the moment. Everyone would be selling for higher than .23

                                                                                                        you can say that people sell you can also sell or buy at those ranges, but i and most others wont purchase willy nilly from anyone,

                                                                                                        and im simply providing you counter proof that there are sells for higher than what you reccomend. take it or leave it for what it is

                                                                                                        and i can assure you they are indeed all separate sites

                                                                                          I feel like people that don't do money trading need to realize how the refined market works, because we seem to have the same discussion every time a new suggestion comes up. The fact that people sell refined for more than the main trading point means very little -- especially in small quantities.

                                                                                          Many unfamiliar traders are willing to pay a premium in order to feel secure that they are not getting scammed. is an excellent example. They sell plenty of refined metal at $.35 each because they emphasize "reputable sellers" (even though its clear that they are not as trust-worthy as they should be as of late). There are plenty of other sites and/or traders that work with the same business plan.

                                                                                          The refined metal price should be based off of the large traders who may be selling hundreds of refined each day. The most commonly traded price should be the recognized price. It is very clear that there are plenty of sellers available at $.23 cents, while below that stocks are less significant.

                                                                                          I would appreciate if people were more open-minded when voting on suggestions about markets they are less familiar with.

                                                                                            Are you saying you agree, or disagree

                                                                                              Supporting. "The most commonly traded price should be the recognized price. It is very clear that there are plenty of sellers available at $.23 cents, while below that stocks are less significant."

                                                                                                I have not voted. I feel that the suggestion is worthy of passing, but I would understand if the mods would rather have a $.23-.24 range. Mainly, I am trying to encourage people unfamiliar with for cash trading to do some research or not vote. The refined market is much smaller than most people realize, and it is unlike anything else on

                                                                                                  Agree, if the refined is going down, 0.23 - 0.24 range is much better than 0.23.

                                                                                                i would also appreciate it if you stopped for a second and looked at the current inflation and used a little common sense

                                                                                                at .23 for ref an 2.07 for a key with a key being WORTH 8.44 means that monetary wise it takes 9 ref to buy a key

                                                                                                that's a roughly .66 ref offset of inflation as well as the fact that its WELL known keys can be sold on SCM for anywhere between $2.30-$2.50 rather quickly it only goes to show how offset the economy really is with people screwing around that have no clue how economy works

                                                                                                How odd, 3 weeks ago I couldn't sell a single ref for a quarter until two days ago.

                                                                                                Sold 100 ref for .24 each: --> - 24/.24 = 100 ref sold .24 each.

                                                                                                Sold 15 ref for .25 each: --> - I also sold him 10 keys (keys being 1.90, my price and the current price for pp) and the total was $22.75. 22.75 - 19 = 3.75/.25 = 15 ref sold .25 each.

                                                                                                Ref is weird.

                                                                                                  no offense but that could be any random screenshot, any way to verify it was indeed from the user? and for refined or keys?

                                                                                                    Not enough proof... Refined metal is the base currency of tf2, youre going to need more than 12 sources; Ideally ten times that

                                                                                                      I will just quote myself. "I highly suggest you to look at the market good sir. Refined to Paypal market is incredibly small than any other currency." Look at the market before typing you need 10x more than this and that. I also literally provided almost all of the available sellers. ^.^

                                                                                                        it is indeed very small. so small that it is hilarious to establish the value of items no one would sell for refined and then for real world funds. it's a design flaw of that so few sellers and buyers can effect the value of the entire tf2 economy.

                                                                                                        it's old but still valid. turnips:

                                                                                                          you just commented and i quote saying "market is not valid proof" you just nullified your own statements

                                                                                                          Refs sales or Sellers aren't much popular as you think. Who buys with cash mainly go for keys instad of refs.

                                                                                                          For example,I'm selling keys @ 1,85-1,90 based on my stocks and refs for 0,225. On 100 sales,99 are for keys,1 for metal.

                                                                                                            theyre worth mire than that if you gauge on what people are already paying,

                                                                                                            but i do like your point and its essentially true most people will buy keys over ref


                                                                                                            1) ref is always in endless supply, it's not going to go away (I.e endless wep drops) which justifies dropping the price

                                                                                                            2) proof is good

                                                                                                            3) comment section is frankly YouTube standard and it's a shame that we can't just discuss what matters properly than just starting arguments ;/

                                                                                                              Dat -3 comment rating tho

                                                                                                                  About half of the people are down voting this because LookAtMyChicken brought up some very counter proof. And then the other half is just people saying this will crash the market and the economy will be screwed up...

                                                                                                                    Yeah, people are reluctant to vote through things that will lower their backpack value sadly. Proof has been brought up from sites that charge a premium for security, but that has not and will not ever determine the market price. It seems that $.23 is the most commonly traded pricepoint. Getting refined for less would likely not occur in large quantities. Ultimately, the mods probably have their own research to do before a decision is made. It doesn't seem any new development besides junk comments has occurred recently, so hopefully this is taken care of fairly soon.

                                                                                                                    Wow i sold like 20 ref for 28 cents each a few days ago

                                                                                                                      You Must show proof, unless, your comment is invalid.

                                                                                                                        Exactly the same with me. I've sold quite a lot at .28.

                                                                                                                          Proof, please.

                                                                                                                        I have the feeling mods delaying are hoping someone makes a counter-suggestion....

                                                                                                                          Not really no. I added more proof look above :P

                                                                                                                            still not enough proof and all are shown at the already current price

                                                                                                                            ref resellers is such a small market hence why i posted my own counter

                                                                                                                            people will not buy from random ppl they cannot trust and i dont think you realize how bad your actually affecting the economy by voting this already price conversion is WAY off for irl monetary ref-key

                                                                                                                              Like I said before your counter isn't valid and yet again you don't make sense. You say "ref market is very small" then say "you don't have enough proof" Make up your mind good sir.

                                                                                                                                you dont read very well do you >.>

                                                                                                                                my counter is quite valid theres over 300 ref alone in just a span of a month at the price listed

                                                                                                                                i say that unverified sellers is a very small market as thier sales are all under the table or few and far between

                                                                                                                          The Counter-Proof has already negated your Original and extra Proof bro, if this gets accepted then I wouldn't be sure why, since there is no reason for this to drop with all of the current sellers (of those included in the counter-proof) of the values from 24-25+ Cents

                                                                                                                            Sellers selling for a certain price doesn't necessarily mean they've had success selling at that price.

                                                                                                                            I think these should be higher or key prices need to drop you can buy 10 ref for 2.40 and keys are worth 2.49 and worth about 8 ref

                                                                                                                              Keys are going Down. As well as Ref? Plus You have a lot of proof for 23 cents, as well as 22 cents.

                                                                                                                                Keys are going down but not the actual market price.

                                                                                                                                Reading through this made my eyes hurt.

                                                                                                                                From what I see, there are many sellers at $0.23, but there are also many successful sellers anywhere from $0.21-$0.29. From what I see $0.24-$0.25 sells very well, and $0.23 sells very quickly. I honestly don't see why would lower the price of refined to $0.23 flat if refined can easily sell for much more.

                                                                                                                                I will downvote this suggestion, in my opinion, based on the sellers and solds, the price needs a range. Maybe $0.23-$0.25?

                                                                                                                                  Keeping it within the range of $0.25 will help.

                                                                                                                                  Refined Metal seems to have reached standardization at the $0.25 point, being the lowest raw currency. Keeping it at least in the RANGE of $0.25 would still keep standardization strong. Now, a whopping $0.02 will make a difference in the long run, as far as cumulative backpack values are concerned, as well as the price of everything on the market. But, all in all, due to all the counter-proof provided, it looks like Plaxorous is losing this battle. (Huehuehue.)

                                                                                                                                    Ref is like the fundamental part of pricing. So imo, ref should go down slowly; 24.5-23 seems like too much of a big leap

                                                                                                                                    Would be more accurate to say something like 23-24 or 23-25.