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Refined Metal
Submitted by Adeline
Unique Refined Metal
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What...the...DUCK IS A SANIC?!

Personally you guys should be surpised how fast someone came up widdis...and this my first price suggestion that prices in money instead of Ref/Keys/Buds...

So many AWFUL bumps so I can hardly tell what they buy for.

Lets just get down to the sellers shall we? :l - Sells at $0.11 (Atm) - Selling at $0.12...why is this going up? - Selling at $0.13 Actually...still... - Selling at $0.14...dammit... - $0.14 - Current Price ($0.16) - $0.15 - $0.15 again - $0.09 and hasn't sold NON :o - $0.13 - $0.16 - $0.13 - $0.16 - $0.11 - $0.12 - $0.16

Any feedback or counter proof is accepted :D

(And the reason for no proper solds is because isnt as easy as that)

    I don't really know how the "ref" suggestions work but considering all the people in the past making these I think you need more proof.

      There isn't many people who sell refined. Most people sell keys or buds

        shouldn't u see if any of these guys are scammers, 9 cents a ref sells e-z p-z

          I checked him out, to many +reps on his profile to think of him as a scammer...

            hate to break it to you, rep on profile counts for shit in money trading.

              Profile rep=jack shit in ca$h trading.

              Rep thread=legit rep

                Well I've seen people with illegitimate rep threads b4. Almost let myself get scammed because of it, too. D:

                  Meh. That's why you check their background info and such.

                That is true...but we don't use logic here. We use what the people want to buy and sell for ;)

                                with that logic i can sell a piece of my used tissue paper (with no buyers) for 3 billion dollars and now used tissue paper is the currency in the world

                                  im not sure you under stood the concept of what I said

                                    its a bit confusing, but i get what you're saying at that this logic is dumb, i just wanted to generalize your idea in a ridiculous form cause its (insert reason here).

                                      I like how the moderators warn us like almost a day after we post xD

                                        A lot of the warned posts don't seem like they should have been warned, and I've seen similar ones to some that were never warned...

                                        Hmm... no disrespect to mods though, I'm sure you have your reasons

                              The $0.09 seller is legit. Has 93 steam games, tons of items in CS:GO, including a knife, lots of steam badges, profile from 2011, done cash trading before...

                                Took forever for somebody to notice that :l

                                  Not to be rude, but next time it'd be helpful to put that with the link in your original post :D

                              tf2 is ded

                                refined is dead*

                                  Trading has nothing to do with tf2, it's like a minigame. Prices don't change games mechanics.

                                In My opinion, this is not enough proof for a currency suggestion.

                                  just one-word response to this poor proof and weak scam attempt at the entire TF2 trading community... lol

                                    So much players, nobody is crafting hats with metal

                                      A sanic is sonic the hedgehog drawn by some kid and miss spelled, cummn step it up!

                                        Need more proof and if your lowering the ref price it doesn't make sense with the key price as of right now


                                        keys are sold at 2.30-2.50 on the community market and 2.50 on the mann co store...

                                          I love how everyone is saying "More Proof" when they should know there is only 3 pages to use on Outpost (alot cant be used either)

                                            Look other places then....

                                              What other places? The only other place is and I could only find ONE piece of usable stuff on there :l

                                              And disliking my comments changes nothing

                                                Do you understand how stupid it is to lower the ref and key price?

                                                If you do that math keys should be 2.24 0.16*14=2.24

                                                  Do you understand people don't use math, they sell and buy what they want to sell and buy for.

                                                  I said ages ago that we don't use logic or math here, we use what comes up in trades and stuff :l

                                                    ehh idc it will balance itself out soon enough

                                                      You do know over the years it may just drop more and more because more weps drop making more scrap to make for reclaimed to make more refined to make it more common to make the market sell it for less making...well...whatever you get the idea...

                                        Especially for currency: Much much more proof. Also: You mainly need solds, not sellers.

                                          You dont need solds to lower a price :l

                                            Solds are only needed to set or raise a price.

                                              Well, solds can support drops.

                                                Yes, but calcit said that he mainly needed solds.

                                                  I know. But still, while solds are not needed, they can help with drops.

                                              Check the market, and past suggestions to see how much proof is acceptable.

                                              Much more proof is needed, and you should get some unsolds at the current price for your main proof.

                                                Fo real b. Upvote

                                                  You guys should see how limited it is, I checked through all the pages on tf2outpost just to find proof, and the amount of people who don't even say the price they sell for...geez...

                                                    there are other places where ppl sell ref

                                                    When making refined suggestion, it helps to write down how much stock your sellers has. For example, your second $.14 seller has only a few in stock.

                                                      Great idea and qualitative information "Karpthehobo", but isn't necessary to come up with a random joke like that to my opinion.

                                                        2 links for both ends?

                                                          More sold less selling :/

                                                            You didn't read the whole of my suggestion...and you don't need solds to lower a price :l

                                                              Um u really do because if they are just sellers then it wont work as a down fall :|

                                                                Solds are needed to set or raise a price. You don't need solds when lowering a price

                                                                  Also for lowering a item

                                                                    Look at the previous accepted suggestions.

                                                                      No, solds/sales are the main proof for rising or setting prices but when it comes to lowering prices, the only core proof we should see is sellers and unsolds.

                                                                    Nope...don't need solds to lower the price, posides you havn't gotten an accepted suggestion yet (I only got 3 accepted)

                                                                      If they haven't sold even at a lower price then it means it needs a decrease... no?

                                                                  You don't need solds but it's better to have more proof then needed then none at all. upboat

                                                                    Guys, he's got plenty of proof, look at last accepted suggestion: [url][/url]

                                                                    The ref market is pretty small, there was a huge discussion about it when the $0.22 drop happened. There isn't nearly as much proof out there as there is for, say, key suggestions.

                                                                    But anyways, if you want to find more supporting proof you can look at forums (last accepted suggestion had links from there.)

                                                                      The last guy did not have a range therefore he had a straight forward price since he has a range he needs to have a good amount of proof on both parts of it

                                                                      uhm, welp.... keys will rise again once this drops :P

                                                                        Keys are already at $2.75 which is an indication that keys are rising on its own strange accord, rather than just inflation. I honestly have no idea of what's going on with keys.

                                                                        Time for another key price rise

                                                                          From your proofs (not sure if they changed or you mistyped):

                                                                          [url][/url] - closed

                                                                          [url][/url] - selling for $0.15, not $0.14

                                                                          [url][/url] - selling for $0.13, not $0.15

                                                                          [url][/url] - selling for $0.13, not $0.16

                                                                          ...That leaves only a couple links supporting the new price.

                                                                            The traders probably changed how much they are selling for, but I cant edit this now :c

                                                                              i think that the price dont need to drop too fast you can just try within $0.15-$0.16 and a little bit more proof

                                                                                Adding a little to support the $0.14 Range, and the only way to not include someone elses sellers/solds at $0.14 is to use

                                                                       - $0.14 and the only one I could find :P

                                                                       - $0.15, I thought I would say this because nobody actually thought about adding SUCCESSFUL BUYERS (Yeah the trade is still open but by the look of the comments this guy has sold refined for moneh)

                                                                                  It doesn't matter if the proof is someone else's, it's just polite to give credit to whoever found the proof. Regardless, one link can't set the price.

                                                                                  I See more 16-20 Cent Ranges on Tf2 outpost...


                                                                                    if i put mine up for $2.20 will that be in your range

                                                                                      And you tried making a $0.16-$0.20 Ref suggestion which got showered with downvotes...

                                                                                      Just because people sell for more doesn't mean people buy it for that price.

                                                                                      This suggestion is a spy.

                                                                                        ahhhh he has some in his inventory so hess gunna us it for his marketing purposes!!!! downvote!!!!!!





                                                                                            I thought merasmus was dead already?

                                                                                            I think it's pretty much a fact that the metal price of keys will never decrease. Oh the good old days when they were 2.33... I don't really see a way out of this... it's becoming an elitest economy now. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Or everyone's getting poor and I'm just wrong. Either way, it's a shame. I liked TF2 because the economy was a nice thing to get into, because in the past, EVERYONE could. What a shame.

                                                                                              keys did go down in the love and war update, with breadboxes. so there is a way out, its up to valve (who actually pays attention to the economy, they have economists working on it atleast for what i've heard)

                                                                                              Quick question are you allowed to use the steam market place as proof for solds?

                                                                                                It is ALWAYS supported proof when used, it can NEVER be the main proof.

                                                                                                  no because the scm does not represent the market...for reasons.maybe.

                                                                                                  but scm is more accurate than for everything that is marketable aussies unusuals stranges cosmetics tools and so on.

                                                                                                  for the rest non marketable is pretty accurate though.unless outdated then you should research it for yourself for more accurate pricing.

                                                                                                      Hey there's my name in there

                                                                                                      and no im not a duck

                                                                                                        Remember, this is a currency suggestion, not some random hat that doesnt effect the economy. You need more proof in order to make this pass.

                                                                                                          4 Pages on outpost, and like 3 of them pages of proof cant be used :l

                                                                                                          Downvote more proof

                                                                                                              I never understood why people sell ref. It's unmarketable on SCM.

                                                                                                                well is pretty simple if that guy has 1000 ref for 0.09 per ref it will cost me just 90$ to buy them all then I can use 1000/16 current key price to flip them to keys so thats 62.5 keys and then I can sell those for paypal in 1 day for 1.8$ each witch is 112.5 $

                                                                                                                so 22,5$ pay pal profit in a day or 2

                                                                                                                also downvote on topic as those sellers are very low in stock on of them have 3 ref in stock

                                                                                                                the other guy has 10 all of your proofs sums up to hardly 20 keys this does not represent the market but a small portion of quicksellers.

                                                                                                                  You do know you say this now and this suggestion was first made 4-ish days ago right?

                                                                                                                  Stuff sells in 4 days you know...

                                                                                                                    you understand this is the most common item in tf2 after weapons.right?

                                                                                                                    so 20 keys in ref as proof for a market that counts millions of ref this suggestion is nothing more than a joke.right?

                                                                                                                      The actual ref market is not comprised of all ~3 million refined metal which currently exists in the game; it's pretty small. It is probably a bit bigger when you include sellers from sourceop, though. Yes, there are a few pages on outpost, but a lot of those are either long unbumped, still selling for ~$0.10 above current price, or have no stock/rep.

                                                                                                                        3 million ref?lol you go by numbers?if so pls have in mind that only scans for new generated ref the scanners are unable to detect and report deleted used ref so they are only adding up.

                                                                                                                        tl:dr none really knows how much ref is out there.there in mochanics that can calculate such task at the moment.

                                                                                                                    The guy selling for 9 cents probably shouldn't be included. He says he only has a stock of 3, and thus is most likely undercutting the market to move his small stock fast - he's quickselling. If he had meaningful stock at that price, I'd be inclined to put weight on him.

                                                                                                                      He's just there because he's part of the market, his price is significantly lower than the suggested range. We wouldn't be putting any weight on him regardless of how much he had in stock.

                                                                                                                        he is not a part of the market.he is the exclusion to it.

                                                                                                                      Don't we all miss the amount of proof we needed to make 2 years ago?:

                                                                                                                        Voted against. Not enough proof for UNSOLDS at 16$

                                                                                                                        also in your proof list

                                                                                                                        got 2 sales in 24 hours.

                                                                                                                        do not lower ref price just because you feel like it

                                                                                                                          It's best to wait and see where keys settle in refined. In the last two days a lot more people have been buying ref for cash