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Refined Metal
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Unique Refined Metal
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Ref needs to rise as keys drop..

Sold: - Sold some at $0.18, check bp history - Sold many at $0.17 - Sold some for $0.17 - Sold at $0.20 - Sold some at $0.20

Sellers: .20 -over 100 .20 -over 200 .15 -no more .16 -over 150 .20 -stock? .16 -300 - sold 11,000 .17 -over 600 .18 - 80 left .17 -over 333 .20 -stock? .17 .17 .20 .20 - 12 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 16 - 16 - 16 - 16 - 17 - 17

Buyers: .21 .16

.16-.17 seems common.

.15 is a QS.

Id like to thank [GIRL] Tiny for some proof! xoxo

This is my first Ref suggestion, go easy!

    The problem with your solds is that it's impossible to tell how many they have actually sold and for how much. - up for a year. I can guarantee he hasn't had his price at 17 for a year. When did he change it? How many has he sold since. We have no idea. - we see the comment a month ago. has he sold any at all since? just because the metal is traded doesn't mean it was sold for cash.

    It is going to be tricky to prove that 17 belongs in the range here. Someone ask Strife how many he has sold at 17 cents and how long he has been selling for

      "Ref needs to rise as keys drop.."

      Keys aren't dropping?? Their price is fairly stable atm, soon to resume the inevitable rise..

        They were dropping earlier. And they SHOULD be still dropping down to 8 refs at least.

        btw keys are increasing again and the suggestion was made by d0 so the chances of it not getting accepted are very slim as by faar as much as i know hes the best at suggesting prices

        Didn't this exact range just get closed?

          The original suggestor closed his suggestion because he felt he didn't have enough proof. That being said, this suggestion doesn't offer any new proof.

          Wait, you're the same person...

            "Yes, let's screw up's USD pricing system even further" Refined should be about 13 cents right now for's USD pricing to be more accurate to the current key:USD rate.

              Refined has always technically sold for more than they "should" in dollar value because some people just don't want to pay 2 dollars. But its market is so small and it takes so long to sell. Keys should realistically have their own dollar value.

            Selling still =/= sold so all those links of sellers at 20 (who are overstocked by the way which is a sign of not selling) would be counter supportive if anything

            not enough solds for a currency suggestion.

            sorry downvote

              "Ref needs to rise as keys drop.."

              Need is a strong word, I really don't believe this statement is true. Keys fluctuating in price should not directly affect metal's value, they both have entirely separate market dynamics. People speculating and trying to turn a profit during these market swings may temporarily affect it's value, but really nothing has happened that drastically changed the supply/demand for metal. It's still inflating, theres still a ton of it out there, and it's still relatively useless.

              If I'm way off here please correct me, I'm still trying to figure all this out myself.

                theres 3 mil ref out there... only so little on the market

                keys and ref are tied together... ref drops keys rise and when keys rise ref drops.. earbuds are independent.

                  I was going to say I don't understand why they are tied together, but now that I think about it I do.

                  For example, during major Steam sales demand for keys and other easily marketable items goes up because people want money to buy games that are on sale. I guess that would mean more people trying to buy keys with metal, causing metal to go down versus keys. Once the sales are over things go back to normal.

                    how can you tell how much ref is out there since scanners are unable to track delted/used ref is out of me.but if you say so it must be true . right?

                    Please explain how is charging $0.21 per refined if it is not worth it. Their price is driven by demand, if they charge too little then they run out of metal. If they charge too much then they get overstocked with metal.

                      Like I said I'm still learning, this is actually the first time I've heard of - the last time I traded seriously was late 2012 when I cashed out 10 buds via paypal. I question the sudden increase in metal demand, because nothing really happened other than the holiday sale ending.

                        Well a LOT of people get steam cash cards as Christmas gifts. This drives up prices on the steam market because there is a frenzy of buying. This then pushes up the prices of marketable traded items as people who want cash buy up the cheaper trades and take them to the steam market where they are worth more. A couple good examples are the Lady Killer and the Mann of the Seven Sees. Both went from 2 ref up to 4-5 ref. Now we can wait and see if they fall back down over the next few months.

                        easy I sell keys for paypal for 1.8$ I need 13 ref to buy a key to sell for 1.8$ though so I have to purchase ref to do so. 13+0.16=2.08 so I won't buy for 0.16 as it damages my paypal ballance.

                        I hope this helps to understand the ref economics better.

                      2 sales at $0.17?

                        theres more... most trades i have up there have sold at 17...

                          all the trades i see haven't sold or over a year old and therefore can't be used as proof as they could have sold any time between that (also don't have any adds on their trades for weeks)

                            You don't have to say 'added' to add someone...

                              fair enough but my point about selling any time between the trade was open is still valid for the older trades, also they may have changed their prices like what polar mentioned above

               sold some at .17 check bp history.

               - 16 sold 95 IN A WEEK SO FAR!!!

               - 16 sold alot check bp histroy

                        Remember, this is an item within the economy so a lot more proof is required than this.

                          hard to do that considering the amount of people who actually buy refs for money are low.

                            Eh, sorry. I am wasn't aware, I never actually looked into buying refined with pay pal or something like that.

                              Exactly. Just not a big market. Actually proof is decent, but still iffy.

                          Good Proof. Upvote. Oh and look, we're at maximum upvotes and it still isn't accepted? If that isn't enough for it to get accepted, WHY THE CRAP DO WE EVEN VOTE?

                            We vote for the moderator's decision on this.

                            The votes have no influence over the future of a suggestion.

                              So there is literally no point.

                                Votes show the mods where the community is leaning towards

                                  mods use the votes when the decision is on the proverbial fence

                                If we relied on just votes, then prices would be set by the community and what people want, versus what the market actually represents. Basically that would lead to some very cheap items.

                                can someone tell me why math doesnt matter in determining the price of refined? so if keys are 13 ref now, and ref is 16 cents, then 13 ref would be 2.08 and keys would be 2.49. that doesnt make sense to me how 2.08=2.49. plz tell me how this works. ty

                                  paypal price of keys is 1.7-2 $. this is the paypal price of refined that is being voted on. refined cannot be purchased from the mann-co store or steam market so valuing it using the 2.49 price of keys is completely incorrect.

                                    but then how come when keys were 17 ref, ref was still .16?

                                      ref isn't sold nearly as often for paypal. there's a very limited number of sellers and a very limited number of buyers. The price on is rarely updated compared to the price of keys in ref.

                                  Why isn't this accepted yet?

                                    hello evryone please explain to me steam fund is able to use in this website or not

                                      This is not the right place to be asking that. Use the forums.

                                      But since you asked, I'll tell you for everyone's sake:

                                      Valve does not allow you to use Steam Wallet funds at third-party sources.

                                      So no.

                                      Is there likely to be any decision made on this soon, as I'm curious to see the outcome plus I can't click upvote as the button is frosted out?

                                        welp,Key in mann co. store is worth 2.15,key is worth 13 raf.1 raf is worth 0.16

                                        by buying 13 ref metal (0.16x13=2.08) you can save 0,07 $ on key ._. mhm

                                          Yes, you are right. And I LIKE your post after I replied.

                                          But this point is not interesting for those (manipulating) users in here.

                                          There was a very BIG discussion about the last price drop of crate #30

                                          I gave everything (in here @voting - in here @forum - and I informed those left 4 sellers).

                                          But no way, the price was voted down (with no reason).

                                          Well, perfect for me.

                                          I bought all those cheap crte #30 with keys (each 18-19 keys).

                                          And I sold all crate #30 at a price of 22 keys on steam market.

                                          I told them ALL before, that 19 keys is not reflecting market. (how to reflect a market with 4 left sellers on outpost and 30 left sellers on steam marketplace)

                                          Well, I learned following the last 2 weeks:

                                          Dont try to teach them with math logic, even if you are 100% right.

                                          Try to make yourself money with this and dont manipulate. There are enough ppl who do.

                                          Then YOU are using the stupid action from other users, but you never did anything wrong.

                                          With crate #30 I did a winning of USD 40,- in 3 days and my Steam Wallet is 100% full again after those amazing christmas sale days my Wallet was down to almost nothing :)

                                          But I am sad a little bit --- now the price is again higher on steam market. I could made USD 70 now - well too late :D

                                          You are smart, use it for yourself and make winnings. I tried to explain / teach with math and I gave up.

                                          I read all comments (on items which are interesting for me) and I am liking or disliking --- thats it most time.

                                            =) I giving you +1

                                              you see "-7" this is amount of persons who want to make easy profit xD

                                            Hey, I have a question. Why are we relying on shady metal sales data taken from Why not use a legitimate trusted site that sells refined, say perhaps Yes the one that can be found right above on the menu bar. Full disclosure, I have a lot of metal but, honestly, the metal cash price means absolutely nothing. item pricing can effect sales prices, but you can say metal is worth whatever you like, it will have zero effect on the selling price. Furthermore, if a user reaches a level where they are selling metal, they positively can figure out how to price it without checking here. I can understand giving users hat/item prices because most users eventually end up with hats/items that they are not sure how to price. Perhaps I am missing an angle on this, I would love to hear some (non-flaming) counter opinions.

                                              Paypal trading has DEFINITELY gotten shadier.

                                     can charge more than what says its worth because it is a very trusted seller.

                                              Correct me if I am wrong, but the price are selling at goes up and down with the price.

                                              Also, can not wait for the CS:GO version they are working on :D

                                              The buyer at 0.21$ does not seem to be responding to invites.

                                                As long as the amount of refined needed to get a key (with ref) is equal to the cost of a key (US$5.00), it will be stable.

                                                  Keys are $2.49.

                                                    Sorry, US$4.98

                                                      Uhm, no, keys are US $2.49. Steam market fluctuates, but keys are $2.49 from Valve, and only fluctuate by + or - around 10 cents on Steam Market.

                                                        It's US$4.98 for 2 keys, sorry, I forgot about putting that in.

                                                  the only thing we know is that keys are worth 2.50 dollars, so either ref are worth 0.18 and keys 13.33 ref or ref are worth 0.16 and keys are worth 15.66 ref

                                                    Why i can't vote ? i can only dislike but i want to rate up

                                                          You can't vote because I think there is only a certain number of votes each way, but I now looked and it would appear that it is now possible to vote again, but it's only possible to vote every now and then....

                                                          That being said I'm still curious as to why this hasn't been accepted or closed yet?

                                                            Yea i have been watching this for a while now and still have not been able to vote. Not sure what they are waiting on to close it.

                                                          selling fake virtual items for money is BS anyway but upvote

                                                            Owns one... price manipulation.. (LEL jk upvoted, great proof!)

                                                            Sadly, scums are not allowing me to upvote this price change :(

                                                              Doesn't really matter it all comes down to as to whether or not the price suggestion is accepted.

                                                              I'm surprised this hasn't been accepted yet, it has reached the max positive votes and all...

                                                                Votes have no impact on the acceptance of the suggestion. It's only there to show your accuracy and knowledge of the market as a user :3

                                                                  Ah, makes sense, thanks for informing me

                                                                No. Just because some sore losers who were to poor changed the key price does not mean that something as ridiculous as THIS should happen to. Bring keys back to what they were. Cheapskates.

                                                                  Just because someone changed the price of keys doesn't mean they're poor cheapskates. And they most likely didn't bring keys down because they couldn't afford them, it's because a lot of people were selling them for less on the market and they price needed an update.

                                                                    i'm sorry for being poor...

                                                                      Oh, I'm sorry that we're lowering your backpack value.

                                                                      Just kidding.

                                                                      I'd vote up. Solid evidence, could use a bit more, but I think this would be enough.

                                                                        jeez, this suggestion has been going on for a while

                                                                          Can we stop fucking up real money prices on items? Everything is already overpriced when it comes to real money.

                                                                          At the moment prices keys in usd at 2,11$ each. In Real Money market you can EASILY get loads of keys at 1,70$ each.

                                                                          The most common ref price is 0,13-0,15$ at the moment.

                                                                            No, we will not stop fucking up real money prices on items ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                                            well yeah, people would suck Strife's dick because of his fame (2nd sold link)

                                                                            but overall its a good suggestion

                                                                                Higher! :P Keys are dropping faster than ref?