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Unique Refined Metal
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Sellers: .10, almost none in stock, so probably quicksell price - - - - - - - - -.11, 36 in stock - - - - - - - - .11, 50ish in stock .11, a lot in stock .11, a GIGANTICALLY LARGE amount in stock .12, a lot in stock .12, a HUGE AMOUNT in stock .12, around 100 in stock .12, around 30 in stock

And that is the entire valid Outpost, forums, and tf2-t market.

Let it drown

Thanks to Lo Burattino, I will now put the mandatory "don't say tf2 economy is kill"

        Sold 200 for $0.12. Screenshots? Buyers don't always want to be made public when they purchase with irl money. This is probably the wrong time for refined to drop in price. It's the sales - everyone is buying shitload of refined to exchange for keys, buy cheap games. almost sold out yesterday.

          without screenshots you're not really countering the suggestion. you should make screenshots and blur the buyers name in it.




            Proves absolutely nothing. Without names, nothing can be verified, even if paypal screenshots are provided (again with blurred personal information).

              o...right...forgot that you need their names to verify sales. my bad, and my apologies.

                That's me on these pics. I told him he can use me as proof. I can confirm that he sold me 296 ref. He said $10 each, because we are friends and we traded in the past. He also said he usually sells for $12 each so I did $12 each and even added 50 cents extra or so to round it. The total was $36. I don't mind buying more off him in near future. He even went first. I didn't bought the whole amount at once. Took me around a month and I paid him after the last refs sold. Again, even if I show you the PayPal screenshot and the few steam trades I don't think that will prove anything. Like he said shouldn't be pricing ref because it's nearly impossible to prove something sold for real money. Last and most important he don't even have OP trade or something like that. People just know he have some rep, sells at decent price, is willing to go first if you have more rep. So it's even harder to prove I actually paid these money for the refs.

        "This is probably going to drop back down to 0.11 within the next 2 weeks" - Polar, 24th April

          Whats your point?

            Why does this even concern you when your bp will drop by 16 cents?

            Also it's not dying, it's only the people who don't understand economy who say that

              "only people that don't understand the economy say that". You've never heard of inflation, have you? Please don't try to act smart when you have no idea what you're talking about.

                and you shouldn't spam the comments

                  He is right though it could happen its kinda happening now. Look Keys were once around 2-3 ref but there now at 19-19.11 Ref. This is because we have nothing else to really use metal for. If we could craft Tour Of Duty Tickets the price would always be as how much metal you need to craft them. Yes you could buy hats BUT WE HAVE UNUSUALS so people go buy keys with some metal hopping someone is selling a cheap unusual and there is LOADS of cheap unusuals out there, HELL there are heap of unusausls in general. THINK ABOUT THIS, you unbox a Burning Flames Team Captain NOW YOUR BP is worth over 15 thousand $ . In away the economy is crashing but maybe not yet or maybe its already happend.

                  Sorry for my english not that good at it math is my thing :D

                    You also shouldn't spam the comments, The economy has nothing to do with OP. These comments are for discussing OP's links/proof. If you want to discuss the tf2 economy go to the forums, not here

                      Why don't we make the ToD tickets a currency? It seems like a good idea but I haven't been playing TF2 long enough to understand the economy. I saw suggestion almost a year ago that a guy posted that would turn ToD tickets to a currency but it got turned down. Anyone explain what may be the disadvantage to this?

                        The flaw with all this BS is that...(wait for it) the economy was made to hyperinflate... Valve made it that way when they released the mannconomy update. This is now just pointless spam, if you want me to explain it in full then add me and I'll give you an hour long lecture.

                          Ha, okay thanks

                        The only reason keys rose in price is because valve introduced unusuals, that's it. The metal plays a small role in the, "rising of keys." Crafting ToD tickets might, increase the price of refined but refined isn't the problem. Also, keys never rise, they are always 2.50, only metal changes price. The mannconomy update also lowered the price of metal.

                          Hold on, since when do we take into account Mann Co prices? Weapons there start from $0.50.

                          Keys cannot rise beyond the TF2 market price, while unusuals don't really have any price set by Valve. Buds price was increased because of the unusuals, not that of keys. Keys' community (black) market price fluctuates only during major sales.

                          On your comment (that you must have deleted) you say that we don't need to price something no matter how common it is used. It's actually the other way around - the higher the demand, the higher the need for a (regulated) price. The majority of trades are made with refined... not keys, not buds. Metal needs to be priced more than anything in this economy.

                            Sorry but I didn't quite get what buds, unusuals and all that other stuff have to do with this, anyway, pricing refined isn't a necessity, that's what I'm getting at, sure it helps if its priced but it is not necessary. And I never said that "we don't need to price something no matter how common it is used." My comment may have implied that but it was definitely not what I meant.

                            Also I didn't delete any comments, not sure what you are talking about.

                              You were the one that brought keys into ref suggestion. I am just saying that if one item is used by the majority it IS a necessity to be priced and regulated if it is to be considered a "currency". About the comment I thought was deleted, sorry. It wasn't visible at first here.

                              There you say:

                              "Money is arguably the most common thing in the world, almost all people have it and it's easy to transport. So, we made it a currency."

                              We all use beans and they are very easy to transport, but we never made THAT a currency. A currency is something that is (somewhat) hard to earn, needed by everyone and most likely introduced artificially. Beans are none of that. My point is if one item can be shaped into more, different, items, then it stops being "just an item". It stops being an item you can trade for, but an item you can BUY with.

                                You misunderstand my point, you say that "if one item is used by the majority it IS a necessity to be priced and regulated if it is to be considered a currency" but I'm saying that ref does not need to be priced since it does not need to be a currency. May main arguement is; "the pricing of refined is not a necessity." The problem is you're assuming I think of refined as needing to be a currency. Of course a currency needs to be priced, but refined does not need to be a currency.

                                Also the money part was an example that, could be easily unproven but I was trying to make a point.

                                Why are we even dicussing this? My original comment was about why keys "rose" in price, this has nothing to do with it lol.

                      Hey, another one of you. Woo.

                      its not dying. It's crashing. Everything is overpriced

                      The value of the Canadian dollar fell. Are we all dead? No.

                          Canada has their own dollar? America is a few trillion in debt also, and we're mostly doing fine. We're basically the same country!

                            Its like .81 cents compared to USD right now... Canadian dollar is kill, Literaly

                              no that's true but the price of ref and buds has fallen so much that we might basically be dead

                                Buds were a shit form of currency anyways, so many dupes.

                                  oh hey its you from

                                  post your spam somewhere else

                                    Aw, he deleted all his comments. :<

                                      he was flicking off a black belt

                                  tf2 trader, forums, sourceop threads?

                         - buyer for .09-.11

                         - buyer for .10-.11

                         sold out seller for 0.125 - not sure when he sold out tho, so most likely, not valid

                                    The first one has 0 rep, and that hasn't been bumped in weeks. The second one also hasn't been bumped recently. I only looked at the first 2 pages, so I may have missed some. Also sourceop won't let me log in for some reason.

                                      Looks pretty good I guess.. Decent amount of sellers at .11-.12.. Upvoted.

                                          Sellers above the current price mean nothing, only sales and buyers above the current price do.

                                              The reason both .11 and .12 are in the range is because .12 still sells, but there are many available for .11 as well.

                                                I wouldn't consider the two 0.11 sellers with very little metal as valid proof. Most of the ref purchases happen in large quantities... 100,500,1000. Selling a couple of dozens of refined probably won't get you any buyers for weeks, months. The 3rd seller is a reseller - he'd sell for $0.05 if he managed to buy for $0.04..Not a fan of those. The 4th one actually sells for 0.12. The $0.11 price is a discount price. Unless it's established that refined must be sold in large quantities only, his $0.11 price is invalid.

                                                I sell refined for 0.12 often. None of my buyers want to be made public. I don't even need a selling thread to sell refined. As someone else said in the comments - many people are willing to pay more for rep, security..etc. Random sellers who have less than 100 ref and probably sell 0 of it shouldn't even be included in suggestions like this because they can't be trusted. We are talking about irl cash trades here and proving that a trade has happened is impossible.

                                                  All of the sellers are in stock, and most people would buy more than 50 anyways, since it's cheap. So there are 3 definitely valid sellers, and one that requires you to buy at least 50. I think it's enough proof, considering the tiny market.

                                                    Actually too many people buy less than 50 (usually to get a key). The ref market isn't tiny at all, but only tiny part of it is visible because reputable sellers don't need sell threads and have regular buyers. I don't mind having a 0.11-0.12 range, but as I said earlier it doesn't seem to be the proper time for such range. I sold out this week because of the sales (1800+ ref). The demand for ref right now is too high.

                                          There are actually a bunch of guys selling for like 12,13,14 like strife ect. For me the price have to rise since there are more with 12+ as just 11 and lower



                                                Doesn't matter if someone is selling it for higher. I could be SELLING say like, a key, for 70 refined. Is it worth that much now, even though alot of people sell it for lower?

                                                  People pay more for reputation and guarantees that are provided by reputation.

                                                    That doesn't make sense because you can easily buy keys for 1.90 or less and that is .10$ per refined maximum. Even if you wanted to buy from a reputable seller, most people won't pay over 2$ a key if they know their resources, which would be .105$. If there are actually .12 cent buyers, where are they? I'd sell them a few hundred / thousand refined.

                                                    .12 x 19 = 2.28$

                                                    I wouldn't mind selling my keys for basically 2.30$ a pop.

                                                  Do you actually have any buyers, it would be nice to see that since I've not really seen any....

                                                  I know a lot of people who would sell for .11-.12 if they knew people who were actually buying them, hell I would sell for that price. I don't think .10 is a quicksell, since it seems you'd be lucky to get that much.

                                                    you dont need buyers to decrease a price...

                                                      I know you don't need any buyers, I'm asking to see if there are any...

                                                      I didn't say you HAD to have buyers. I was just wondering if there any, cause I haven't found any.

                                                        if you havent found any why ask that question...

                                                          I'm asking that question to see if anyone has actually SEEN any buyers. I'm just curious for my own personal thought. Sheesh. I haven't seen any...

                                                            If you know the answer to the question, why bother asking the question?

                                                              I don't think you understand what I'm asking. The price is being put at .11 - .12 cents, that shows that there are people buying for that much rather than lower....

                                                              I'm asking to see if there are any CURRENT buyers at .11-.12 cents rather than just sellers.

                                                              I UNDERSTAND you don't need BUYERS to DECREASE PRICES.

                                                              IM ASKING A QUESTION. I DONT HAVE THE ANSWER.

                                                              HAS ANYONE SEEN ANY BUYERS AT THE CURRENT SUGGESTED PRICE.

                                                              I don't want any other comments. Only if you have a link to a current buyer for the suggested price. holy jesus.

                                                                You looked at it yourself, seems like you don't have trust in your evidence searching.

                                                    Lower prices for Refined Metal is banned. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

                                                      not enough proof to move such a basical price. downvote

                                                      um guys this should not be a fight ref is droping :/ so what if your bp will drop a wopping 16 cents go earn some more trade some stranges and work up to a cheep plumbers pipe or dread knot :/

                                                        *dropping, *cheap.

                                                          I will probably get hate for this, but I really dont care much about ref prices. A ref only has value because people give it value, otherwise it is just a craft item. I could care less what the price is, as long as I can still get the hats I want.

                                                            Words of wisdom.

                                                              And why would you get hate?

                                                              Ref is needed by so many people. It's not "just" a craft item. It's the leading trading currency, thus it needs a value. And since it is, occasionally, used to craft other items only available during certain events, it will hardly ever lose it's value completely. Imagine ref being 0.01. I'd be the first one to buy 20-30k and craft hats like crazy all day. Ref is much more important for trading than keys. Yep.

                                                                No, it doesn't need a value. We gave it a value of X because it was the most common item, along with keys, which we gave the value of Y. Money is arguably the most common thing in the world, almost all people have it and it's easy to transport. So, we made it a currency.

                                                                But that doesn't mean we need it to be priced

                                                              you should get each traders trust on here, because if they have no trust in trading items for cash, then their trades aren't valid.

                                                                Why don't we keep key prices the same? Everything's been fine the whole month.

                                                                  Because people are not selling them at the same price...

                                                                    key prices are the same tho

                                                                    keys are always stable at ~1.90 USD, this suggestion wont change that

                                                                      Key prices are not always the same. Four months ago cash value dropped to around $1.65 and rose to $2.00 afterwards. It is now settled at around but it won't be forever. We can't just pretend that 1.80-1.90 is in the middle so it's the common price..


                                                                        goes to know what i know about cash trading, thanks for clearing that up


                                                                      Everyone else has stated why they shouldn't be the same.

                                                                      r.i.p in pepperoni tf2 economy

                                                                        I think I got ebola looking at your profile