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~186 keys
Unusual Burning Question The Eldritch Opening
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The single biggest trade I've ever made. 1600 Pure for this incredible 1 of 1 forever hat, going to a well deserved forever home, and receiving a long overdue price suggestion. - Before - After


      I would like to leave this comment here for all who may read it in the future.

      This hat was purchased in memory of my beautiful and loving wife, who passed away from cancer September last year.

      Her and I originally had a long distance relationship where we would play TF2 and other games together.

      She was a pyro main, and a devotee of all things Lovecraftian.

      Since she decided to donate her body to science she has no grave; no tombstone. We will be planting a tree with soil mixed from her ashes this spring, but I wanted something closer. Something that I could always hold in the palm of my hand.

      I miss you my love, and hope you can see this from beyond the stars.

        rest in peace, good memory :'(

          damn... my condolences :(

            May she rest in peace 🙏

              Rest in peace :'(

                My condolences, Shiki. May she rest in peace.

                  I'm so sorry for your loss, Shiki. Losing someone that close and dear that you loved so dear really has to hurt... my condolences as well go to you.

                    What a gentleman you have my thoughts and wishes brother.

                      She will always be looking down on you man, may she rest in peace <3

                        Rest in peace, stay strong.

                          Seeing things like this is why I play TF2. May she rest in peace.

                          The buyer seems to deal in selling rare or 1/1 halloween hats, including Unusuals. I'd be inclined to leave this unupdated, given that analogous effects aren't representative of this price update and the relatively high potential that the buyer is just going to resell using this suggestion as leverage if passed.


                          Whatever story is behind this sell. This is an outlier… there is very little chance the next sell will be even close to this sale