Price Suggestion
~20 keys
horsemann's hack
Unusual Airdog Horsemann's Hack
71 votes up
1 vote down

This suggestion was accepted by Blaze.xTH3RM4Lx.

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Item 1

Sale 1!/compare/1696118400/1696464000!/compare/1696032000/1696118400

Bulk dump in a bulk trade with

Sale 2!/compare/1696982400/1697068800!/compare/1696636800/1697068800

Can match a single key

Sale 3!/compare/1697068800/1697414400!/compare/1696982400/1697068800

Keys probs insta-used for the fried batter

Sale 4!/compare/1697068800/1697155200!/compare/1697068800/1697155200

~12 keys

Sale 5!/compare/1698451200/1698710400!/compare/1698624000/1698710400

~12 keys, but slightly higher than sale 4

Sale 6!/compare/1699401600/1699488000!/compare/1699401600/1699488000

Can't say for sure

Sale 7!/compare/1699401600/1699488000!/compare/1699401600/1699488000

Might be a missing history, but it was used in bulk for a Burning Flames Medic's Mountain Cap

Item 2

Sale 8!/compare/1697760000/1697846400!/compare/1697673600/1697760000

Bulk for a Cloud 9 Backwards Ballcap?;5;u260

$39.99 / $2.04 = ~20 keys (Sep 12)

$39.99 / $2.03 = ~20 keys (Sep 22)

Total Sales

12, 12, 20, 20

12 is under buyers now

Taking 20 keys c: