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Unique Refined Metal
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    Why is it taking the mods so long to accept this


        Keys are highly fluctuating items, this is compounded with the recent updates which has left the Key:Ref and Key:$$ ratios unstable.

        For example, keys now look closer to 60 ref and PayPal buyers are starting to increase.

        The first buyer listed here is now paying $1.52 (not $1.50) and the last buyer at $1.54 hasn't bought any in a month (at least, judging by the trust)

        It looks like the ref price is starting to shift away from $0.024, so this was left open to see.

        If we take the top buyer alone then ref would be $1.52 / 60 = 0.025, so the low-end may not be accurate here.

      It's unfortunate that the price of ref is going down again, but your proof is valid. Upvoted.

        I agree, I really want ref to be the highest value it can have.

          ya, it's so fun to watch ref go up each holiday event.

          Can't really blame valve for this as the game is over a decade old and most games end major updates after around 5-8 years if the fans get lucky.

          Just gonna have to see if anything happens at some point, but ref will likely loose more and more value as so little people craft now adays.